Wash-n- go’s

I have approximately 2-3inches of hair right now. Shut your mouths because coming from a shaved head this is a lot to me, lol,.Not near what I would like to have but I am getting there slowly but surely. Anyways, when I only had about 1 inch of hair I loved my wash-n-go’s. My everyday product was my beloved activator gels. I loved them. My hair looked great with the long aid activator gel. Kept it moisturizer for days. I would redo them daily but there were a few times I needed to rock some 2 day hair and it never betrayed me. Anyhow, I tried the Long Aid activator gel recently and it was not a good thing. It’s crazy how as our hair grows it changes. Especially with the products it likes vs. Does not like.

Well, yesterday I figured I would try to do a wash and go with some Eco Styler w/ olive oil gel. I had to do this by raking the product in small section by small section. I was actually coming along pretty nice. Soooooooo, while I was at it I figured I would give one last try to the CurlJunkie Curls In A Bottle. I had tried this product a couple times before and was not liking the results at all. The first time I tried it It was on dried hair over a moisturizing leave in which I love. I tried just raking a small amount in the front of my hair along my hair line just to see what I was working with. When I raked a small amount in I noticed that it did give my hair some shine and frizz free. But,,,,, as I took like a quarter sized amount to smoothe in my whole head it was horrible. I felt stringy like as I smoothed it on. Maybe I should have known better because my hair is very thick and I can VERY RARELY smoothe a product over my whole hair. I always have to rake my products in in small sections. When I try to take the lazy route and just try to smoothe it over my whole hair it does not touch about 75% of my hair. It just does not work that way for me. But anyways when I tried just smoothing the Curls In A Bottle over the rest of my tresses it just felt like it start drying my hair immediately. And not in a good way. I mean drying like thirsty. It acted like it ate up my leave-in like an after dinner snack. I ended up co-washing my hair and starting over.

O.k., anyways, so this time while I was raking in my Eco Styler gel I figured I should try to rake in the Curls In A Bottle with it. To my amazement I was loving it. It’s like the Curls in a Bottle was helping to separate my curls after the Eco helped to define and slick my curls. I was loving this combo.

So needless to say I will be rocking this wash-n-go combo alot during the summer. I will post pics of my success below.


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