Natural…from Beginning to Now

This is when i finally started having a little pride in myself after my BC, which left me with “peach fuzz”

As this picture gallery goes on you can see the progression and growth with my hair. When i first did my BC I shaved my head clean with clippers. I have no hair on my head at all. After it was done I was so super self concious. I did not look at myself in a mirror for about 4 weeks. I walked around with a scarf on my head at all times. After i had some hair grow in I began to feel a little better. I went from feeling better to actually embracing my hiar texture. Adding my femininity into the picture and actually thinking I was kinda cute! : ) Anyone who has done a complete Big Chop knows the steps I am talking about. you go through many different stages and hopefully early in the stages you embrace the journey. I embraced my journey at about 5 weeks. My kids will be the first to tell anyone that I drove them crazy talking about growth, growth, growth. I wanted my hair to grow so bad. BUT, I loved my hair at every stage none the less. I loved seeing my hiar go through it’s stages of growth. I loved learning my texture and seeing how my hair liked certain products and hated others. I also saw how my hiar loved a product at one stage and when it grew into another stage that same product would not work at all. Weird!


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