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Hey ladies, and gents hopefully. I truly would like to reach other women out there who may be relaxed, thinking about going natural, or you may even be natural but are feeling very insecure with your transition or your new look.  Our creator has made us in a beautiful form. We are different and unique. From our curvaceous figures, and our full features, to our kinky/curly hair.

As little black girls we are programmed into thinking and believing that our hair is “so nappy” “so unmanageable” even unbearable. How dare this society try to tell us that how we are created as women is not good enough. GOOD ENOUGH FOR WHO?????

There are so many issues that black women have growing up from young girls reaching all the way up to adulthood. How does this not surprise me when we are programmed from such young ages to understand that we are sub par, not good enough, in need of change ?????  Our issues of self-worth, and self-esteem are something that is developed from a very young age. We learn what we are fed. We learn to adapt to this society we live in. We learn to know our place. Well, what I say is that our place is well beyond where we are stationed. Although this society has raised us we need to re-raise ourselves. The only way we will evolve and thrive as people is if we notice these things and realise that we can make our own stance. We do not need to live up to others expectations as long as we have our own. We can be comfortable in our own skin and body and not feel the need to “convert” to standards that others have set up for us, especially if the main factor in these standards is that we from birth are not fit for this world.

People seem to equate a woman with natural hair as being a militant and/or being pro-black. Although those things are fine to be if that is truly what you are, but PLEASE STOP. Is it just o.k. to be pro-me? Can’t we at least look what we are naturally intended to be? Is it not o.k. to feel comfortable with our own hair, not chemically unaltered and “fixed” to be more like someone we are not?

I absolutely love being natural. I absolutely love my hair. I love every curl, coil, and kink for what it is. I see so many natural heads out there and I truly love it. When we learn to take care of our hair and have healthy hair there is nothing more beautiful than that. And I feel like that is O.K.!


The beginning

Hello to all of my fellow natural sistas (and i’m sure some brothas) out there. I have been a huge fan of many of the other bloggers and vloggers out there for such a long time. And now, I am so excited about my hair and how healthy it is and that I can actually see that it is growing (although slowly), now I have so much to share with you all. I have alot of knowledge that I would love to share with those in search. I have and will have tons of pictures, I am a true product junkie and will have many great product reviews.

My hair journey truly started in 2005. I had had my hair in micro braids for about a year. I have always braided my own hair and others. So… when I was in the mood for braids I would buy my hair and braid it up. I would always rebraid them to keep them fresh and to let my hair breath for a little bit but I kept them in my hair for about a year. When I finally decided to take my hair out of the braids I had about 6 inches of new hair growth. I was loving that my hair had grown so much but I didn’t really know what to do with it. I fled to the good ol’ trusty internet for loads of info. and inspiration. This is when I started to learn about chics going natural. I was truly getting excited about this natural thing. By the time I thought I knew what I needed to know I had cut off my relaxed ends and was trying to style my hair. I was reguarly on, which was a huge help. To be honest with you all I was disastrous at styling my hair. I have all these inches of kinky, thick hair and it was just to new to me. I think I jumped in too soon with all of my excitement but I really didn’t know what I was in for. I could not get my thick hair to look like any of the beautiful styes that those women had going on. So what I decided to do per the advice on the sites was to braid and twist my own hair. I had been doing that forever so that was not a problem for me. Unfortunately this did not turn out well either. I twisted my hair all up and took a look at my self and I did not like what I saw at all.  I, or course, was not used to this natural look. On other ladies it looked fabulous. On me it looked unfeminine, boyish and anything but fabulous. I still rocked my twists though. I just rolled with it. After many months of playing around wiht my hair and these twists and braid outs and then getting a little lazy at times, I realised that my natural hair looked quite alright with just my puff. I would take my scarf and wrap it around my head and tie the end. Then smooth it up to push my puff where I wanted it. This worked for me. As a matter of fact, it worked so much for me that this is how I wore my hair every day. I’m glad that I was never one for smoothing edges too much because my edges never wore thin. My scalp was still pretty dry though. My hair was a little dry. The ends were pretty curled up and I liked that alot. especially when I was not trying to braid and twist it all the time. I pretty much left it alone. I had no idea the importance of moisture in our hair though.

I had my hair natural for about 1 1/2 years and then I regrettably relaxed it again. To this day I am still not sure why I relaxed again. I think I just wanted more options and at that time I didn’t know how versatile our natural hair was.

Anyways that was the beginning…….

So then I was relaxed for a couple of years until I decided in 2008 to put some micros in my hair once again. I was so excited about the growth I was getting with my micros. I kept them in for a year again and then relaxed my new growth and wore it out for a little bit and then put my hair into kinky twists. I loved the kinky twists. I redid my twists about 3 times. The first set were about shoulder length. I curled up the ends and I loved them. The next set were down my back and I loved those also. At last for my last set they were shoulder length again. I really loved the kinky twists. When I took the twists out I was loving my growth and I decided to go natural again. I had about 4-5 inches of natural hair and I was rockin it for a while and then for reasons beyond me I decided to shave my head totally bald in July of 2010. I absolutely hated it for weeks. Probably a month. I could not even look at myself in the mirror for weeks. I wore a scarf on my head 24-7. I absolutely NEVER EVER EVER took it off. I took off my scarf in the shower to condition my head and whatever fuzz was there. I felt like the most unattractive, boyish thing there ever was.

While my head was shaved and when my hair started to grow back I went through having a very dry scalp. I conditioned my head every day and sometimes twice. I finally added some tea tree oil to my conditioner and it got better. I went from fuzz to stubble to bushy to silky to wavy to curly and to be honest once I got past the shock of being bald and all the issues I had to face with that I loved every minute of the journey thus far. I have been super anxious for growth the whole way through but I have loved watching my hair through it’s different transitions. I am so excited, anxious and simply obsessed with my hair I feel embarrased at times. I love this journey but it really is what I could talk about 24-7 no stop.

So People, I hope many of you enjoy my blog. I hope to attain some long time hair friends. I need someone I can talk about this with so I can stop driving my kids and my husband crazy. Lol

I will be adding many pictures soon of different steps of my journey. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t be strangers.


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