About ME….

          I am a natural chic, loving this natural journey. How could anything else seem right? Our creator, whoever people would like to argue him/her to be has created us as we are at birth. We were born with our coils, kinks, curls and all. I have no shame about my natural texture of hair or what it likes to do from one day to another. I love my texture and everything it has to offer. I love the versatility. I love looking in the mirror and parting my puff and seeing all of those little baby coils hiding in there. They are adorable to me.

I would love to be able to impart into every litte girl and boys if need be that they are precious and special just the way they are. They do not have to feel the pressures of societies beauty proclamations. They can feel perfect just the way they are. When I think about the fact that our Free American society has made little black, biracial and multicultured children to feel as though they have to fit these molds that are not for them to fit into it makes me sad. I feel pity for those ignorant enough to look at me or any person like me and think I am not worthy to have my own beauty. I would not trade mine in for the world.

I think that once we are able to be ourselves and accept our diversified beauty we will begin to tackle certain inferiority issues within ourselves that plague our people today. One day at a time, One journey at a time.


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