Moses Chism Jr.

There once was a therapist named Moses Chism Jr.(@moseschismjr) on Facebook
This therapist thought it best to not be logical and only use your feelings and intuition. 😨
This therapist @moseschismjr also thought it swell to let his client know that it’s a good thing that his wife works out in the lobby because some one nice and wholesome like myself (😲) could make him open to doing things he shouldn’t😉

This therapist Moses Chism Jr.(@moseschismjr) also thought it swell to make comments like. ….”see if I were your husband I would cultivate you” lmao

This therapist @moseschismjr used the wonderful skills he learned to “cultivate” sessions of anger and pain….and then said, now don’t talk about these issues with each other until you guys come back next week. …..REALLY!!

This therapist @moseschismjr thought the ethical thing to do would be to lie to my partner telling him. .”just come in so u can get an up date on my counseling” but in reality he was telling me to get my partner to come in so that he could “work on him” (against the code of ethics for therapists and doctors).
To be continued……..


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