My Ideas…….

Hey ladies, and gents hopefully. I truly would like to reach other women out there who may be relaxed, thinking about going natural, or you may even be natural but are feeling very insecure with your transition or your new look.  Our creator has made us in a beautiful form. We are different and unique. From our curvaceous figures, and our full features, to our kinky/curly hair.

As little black girls we are programmed into thinking and believing that our hair is “so nappy” “so unmanageable” even unbearable. How dare this society try to tell us that how we are created as women is not good enough. GOOD ENOUGH FOR WHO?????

There are so many issues that black women have growing up from young girls reaching all the way up to adulthood. How does this not surprise me when we are programmed from such young ages to understand that we are sub par, not good enough, in need of change ?????  Our issues of self-worth, and self-esteem are something that is developed from a very young age. We learn what we are fed. We learn to adapt to this society we live in. We learn to know our place. Well, what I say is that our place is well beyond where we are stationed. Although this society has raised us we need to re-raise ourselves. The only way we will evolve and thrive as people is if we notice these things and realise that we can make our own stance. We do not need to live up to others expectations as long as we have our own. We can be comfortable in our own skin and body and not feel the need to “convert” to standards that others have set up for us, especially if the main factor in these standards is that we from birth are not fit for this world.

People seem to equate a woman with natural hair as being a militant and/or being pro-black. Although those things are fine to be if that is truly what you are, but PLEASE STOP. Is it just o.k. to be pro-me? Can’t we at least look what we are naturally intended to be? Is it not o.k. to feel comfortable with our own hair, not chemically unaltered and “fixed” to be more like someone we are not?

I absolutely love being natural. I absolutely love my hair. I love every curl, coil, and kink for what it is. I see so many natural heads out there and I truly love it. When we learn to take care of our hair and have healthy hair there is nothing more beautiful than that. And I feel like that is O.K.!


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